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Lilah and Co. was created when as a new mum for the third time over I was struggling to find a contemporary play gym for my new little bundle, so I decided to create my own. With the help of hubby, we made baby Finn a gorgeous little play gym with a modern colour palette which complimented our home and Finn's nursery.

I had always wanted to run my own small business from home while taking care of the kids so after receiving a stack of compliments from family and friends about how much they loved the play gym, I decided it was now or never (and my paid maternity leave had just run out and I didn't want to return to my regular job). 

Now, after months of development I bring you the Lilah and Co. play gyms.  They are designed to keep baby entertained through sight, sound and touch with different colours and textures. The individually designed toys hang from the bar with a natural complementary coloured strap with velcro, so you can remove the toys and they can be played with individually.

Thanks for stopping by and you can catch us on Facebook and Instagram where you can find plenty of pics of my play gyms, behind the scenes progress and all the new designs we have coming.

Shop small, support handmade.

Thank you

Karly xx

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