Safety & Care

Safety is of utmost importance here at Lilah & Co.  Please see/read below & adhere to the safety requirements of each product.




Our silicone beads are made from the highest quality food grade silicone that is 100% non-toxic, durable and easy to clean. They are also heat and freezer resistant and do not promote the growth of mould and bacteria.
Our untreated wooden shapes, beads and rings are A grade quality beech wood, which means they're durable and hard-wearing and naturally anti-bacterial.


To clean your wood and silicone product simply hand wash with warm soapy water using a damp cloth to wipe it down - do not fully submerge in water. condition with coconut oil if needed.

Our gym toys, teethers and pram garlands are made and tested to comply with Australian Mandatory Safety Standards AS/NZS 8124,  gym toys can also be used for independent play to assist in your little ones sensory development.


Please inspect your wood and silicone products before use and discard if the product looks worn. Discard after 6 months usage.

These items are not designed to be chewed on by children older than 12 months or to be used by children with a full set of teeth.




 Care Instructions 

 To clean your playgym simply wipe down with a damp cloth

Inspect play gym for wear & tear before using - at the first sign of damage, fault or wear, discard immediately.

 Should your play gym become worn & unsafe due to wood fractures please discard immediately.

Play gyms are intended for use by babies under 12 Months.  To lay under, look at and  touch accessories


Whilst this product is made with the utmost care to ensure your baby's safety, Lilah & Co. does not take responsibility for accidents or injuries if our products are used in any way other than for its intended purpose.

Please do not leave your baby unattended while using this product.





Thank you for purchasing a Lilah & Co. ‘Sway My Way’ swing.

Our swings are perfect for babies  from 6 months (able to sit unaided) up to around 2-3  years of age or (max 18kgs) .

All fabric used is 100% cotton with a padded layer for extra comfort.

The wooden sensory beads are painted using non- toxic water based paint.


Ceiling Hook - please ensure this has been installed correctly, if you are unsure, get a professional to do it.

Over an exposed beam, inside or out – wrap some strong rope around the beam a few times, tie securely and clip your swing to the rope (do not wrap swing rope around beam).

Tree Branch – use the above method of wrapping rope around a strong (able to take the weight of baby and swing) tree branch and tie securely. Ensure you put the swing closer to the trunk where the branch is strongest.

Over the door frame - we use a jolly jumper style over the door frame device at home (found on gumtree for $10-$15) you can move it from room to room with ease.  Just clip to the device.


General Safety

ALWAYS supervise your baby/toddler in the swing.

Check your swing before each use by tugging on it with some force to ensure it is securely attached.

Ensure all dowels and fabric are in the correct position before placing baby inside.

Ensure your swing is never hung more than 1 metre off the ground.

Do not forcefully push the swing!! It is meant for gentle swaying only.

NEVER let your baby fall asleep in the swing this poses a SIDS risk!!!

Always store your swing out of reach from babies/toddlers as the ropes pose a strangulation risk.


Care Instructions

Do not leave your swing out in the weather as it could deteriorate and become unsafe to use.

Your seat fabric may be washed by untying the knots on the rope and removing the fabric from the dowel, place fabric in a delicates bag in the washing machine and wash on gentle in cold water, line dry in shade, do not tumble dry. Do Not wash dowel or beads in water, you may wipe over them with a damp cloth if needed.

Lilah & Co. takes no responsibility for any injuries that occur in or around our swings.



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